Update – ReadItLater

On April 20, 2009

Dereck’s review of ReadItLater had me sold on the app before I was even done reading the review. I bought the Pro version and am finding it to be everything he said and more.

The Firefox plugin is fantastic and it not only is great for letting me save web pages for later access, but it has changed the way I move through my Google Reader articles. Thanks to RIL, I now mark any article I might want to read later for later access and then, when time permits, I read it using the app. It is a terrific system and I am grateful to Derick for the recommendation.

Well, RIL Pro has already received a nice update.

In addition to the requisite bug fixes it also improves the speed when used over Edge.

That, however, is not the reason for the upgrade… this is…

ReadItLater no supports PDF, DOC, XLS and PPT documents. That means this is quickly becoming an all around amazing app for saving and accessing ALL your documents.

Read Derick’s review and then grab the app HERE.