Update – reQall

On April 4, 2009

Overall I’ve been quite impressed with reQall since they updated their iPhone app to version 2.0. It has not however, been without its issues. First, the contacts took forever to load. It isn’t a surprise since I have over 2000 but it was a huge frusteration. Second, in the last week the app would often fail to load properly the first time.

Well, an update last night fixes a lot of issues.

This version seems to have sped up the contacts (which are still slow but much improved) and increased both the speed and stability of the app. The app never fails to load now and the speed is noticably improved.

reQall is an incredibly powerful memory/todo/note transcription service. It offer a huge amount of funtionality and the more I use it the more I find myself relying on it. Between the iPhone app and the ability to call into a telephone number over my speakerphone while driving, I am finding reQall to be invaluable!

reQall is a free app and the company offers a free basic service and a very reasonable Pro level of service. I highly recommend checking it out!