Update – ToDo

On April 28, 2009


I’ve made no secret of my excitement for and like of Pocket Informant. By merging two of my most important productivity tools- Google Calendar and Toodledo- into a single app it makes my life much easier and more organized. At the same time I have also made no secret of the fact that the Toodledo integration of PI is currently rather anemic compared to some of the stand-alone apps like ToDo.

Appigo’s ToDo is the veteran Toodledo-synching iPhone app but that hasn’t stopped the app from seeing constant, and meaningful, updates on a rather frequent basis. At $9.99 it is expensive but it is well worth it considering the power, customization and flexibility you get.  

Well, ToDo just saw an update and this time it is one that signifies a serious step forward since it brings ToDo into the Version 2.0 world.

Appigo describes Todo as

is a powerful tool that makes task management simple and fun. Use Todo by itself or synchronize your tasks to the web or your desktop using a popular online task manager like Toodledo or Remember The Milk (Pro Account required for RTM). Todo helps you focus on what matters 
most and allows you to integrate the GTD methodology or your own. You can create multiple lists, use the "All" list or focus on your most important tasks with the "Focus" list.

Todo helps you work efficiently and spread the load with others. Save time when you just need to record a todo by using the quick add button. Share your notes with others by emailing a task directly to them. Other Todo users can import tasks from these emails directly into their copy of Todo.

Todo also integrates with Appigo Notebook, available now for purchase on the App Store. Save your important task notes directly as notes by adding them to Appigo Notebook. In addition, export a note right into Todo to create a new task from an existing note.

So what’s new that brings ToDo into the world of Version 2.0?? Here’s a video and then a rundown of the new features…



New Features include–

• Project and Checklists (subtasks)
• Full calendar view for picking due date
• Selectable priority icon themes
• Manual task sorting
• List color dots
• SMS Task Type

Other Improvements:
• Task modifications are now saved immediately
Notes now appear directly below a task name (I asked for this a few months ago… NICE!!!)
• Switch sync services and keep tasks (YEAH!)
• Improved reliability for network connection during sync
• Added additional days for repeating a task every X days
• App Icon Number indicator for overdue only tasks
• List number indicator now shows overdue and due tasks
• Choice to use priority terminology of Toodledo/RTM
• Quick Add button added to lists screen
• Overdue items highlighted in red
• Time zone change improvements
• Reduced size of task view if no priority/due date is set

Unfortunately, there is still no "clickability" with regard to emails and phone numbers… that’s a disapointment but the rest of this is fantastic!