Update – Truphone For iPod touch

On May 31, 2009

When the iPod touch was first released it was a touchscreen iPod with WiFi and a browser. That was a long time ago!

Since then the touch has been transformed into a powerful, mobile internet device. It plays games, it lets you search the web with ease, it is a powerful email device and… it makes a great phone! At least when used with Truphone.

I’ve been disappointed by the apps from folks like like Skype and Fring. The take too long to load and offer subpar voice quality. At least in my experience.

Truphone is another story. The ap loads quickly and the sound quality tends to be excellent!

An this update makes it even better.

Truphone for the iPod touch (with Skype calling) version 3.0 impoved call quality, makes account management easier, and adds IM and calls to Google chat and Skype users AND IM to Yahoo, AIM and MSN buddies.

While I don’t use it daily I always keep a few dollars of call credit in my account and, when I have used it it never disappoints.

(A headset with microphone is required obviously.)