UPDATED: Just A Reminder- Back Up Web-Based Data!!!

On June 11, 2009

Thanks to my buddy Doug from JAMM and Gear Diary for this headsup…

If you visit Toodledo right now this image is all you will see. Apparently a major storm came through the town where the datacenter is located. A switch to backup power went bad and, in the process, all the data became corrupt. They are currently restoring from a backup but the sheer volume of data means it will take a while.

I love Toodledo, think it is a superb service and hope they are back on track soon. I feel for what the folks there are dealing with. But situations like this also raise concerns. You see, Toodledo is the engine that powers not only their own app but many Todo users and Pocket Informant’s task management on their iPhone app. Many of us swear by it.

Episodes such as this are reminders that we can’t just rely on the service to protect our data… We still need to export/back up ourselves. It is also why, when given the choice, I always prefer "hybrid web apps" like Evernote that also have a desktop client that stores all your data locally.

We wish Toodledo luck and hope to find them back on line in the morning.

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Update- Still down as of June 11, 2009 10:43 AM. I really feal for the folks over there. A GREAT lesson for us all.