Updates Are Good!

On July 16, 2008

One of the things I have appreciated most since making the move to Apple’s Mac OS X last fall is the frequency of the updates that come to most of the applications I regularly use. Rarely does a day go by when there is not an update available for one program or another. It is nice to know that developers are constantly working to refine and/or add features to applications long after they have "shipped".

My friends who have been intimately involved with the jailbreak wonder known as installer.app have enjoyed the same thing over the months. On an apparently regular basis applications they had loaded on their iPhones received updates. Best of all, the installer.app actually notified them when updates were available. There was no need to go searching for one or to hunt something down. Installer.app actually checked for them.

I was pleased to see that this same functionality is part of the App Store.

Yup, when turned on my iPod Touch earlier the App Store icon showed a nice, clear, "can’t miss it" indication that two apps, Cro-Mag Rally and Evernote, had available updates. A few clicks later and they were installed.

Moreover, the apps themselves indicated what the update did.

Cro-Mag Rally indicated- "Fixed a problem with the overhead maps. Added a setting option to turn off the iPhone vibration."

Evernote indicated- "Improved resolution of snapshot notes. Fixed text note zoom level…" and more. 

It is nice to know that things are being worked on and refined. 

Unfortunately, with some of the reports of instablity with a variety of programs it isn’t just nice… it’s a neccessity.