Useful iPhone application that is good for all occasions.

On October 1, 2011

There are thousands of iPhone application that are available at the Apple App Store but finding the ones that you must have and installed on your iPhone can be hard because sometimes, there are only a select few that is worth the time.

Food/Travel: Yelp

Finding a food joint nearby has never been easier with Yelp around. It is a great iPhone app that lists down businesses nearby. May it be a gas station or a pub, you can be sure that you’ll find a place worth going with Yelp.

Job: JobCompass

Chances are, you would want to find a job that is close to the place that you are currently in and JobCompass does exactly that. It searches the area within the specified radius for any job vacancy and give you details on the job that is available including the contact person for the job vacancy.

Note taking: Evernote

Note taking has never been as good as using Evernote. You can add photos, lists and a lot more to take your note taking experience to the next level. May it be for class or even to record voice memos, you can be sure that Evernote will not disappoint you at all.