Useful mobile apps for healthcare professionals

On December 16, 2013

merkTechnology has revolutionized the way things are done socially, professionally and in institutions like hospitals and other health care points. Health care providers therefore have to stay updated on various developments that make them more efficient in the way they carry out their duties. One such development is mobile health apps. There are a number of these but some are more popular than others.

One popular app is Voalte One by Voalte. It was designed to unify in-hospital communication by enabling calls from the hospital’s VoIP system, text messages sent through the user directory and alarm systems that could call in nurses to emergency situations. The name of the app is based on these communication methods where vo is for voice communication, al is for alarms and te is for texts.

Nursing Central by Unbound Medicine 

This is another mobile health app that is quite popular with nurses. It is also used by student nurses to quickly get information on medical procedures, diseases, drugs and tests. The app has access to a database of more than 5,000 drugs, over 65,000 dictionary entries on medical words and terms and hundreds of interpretations of lab and diagnostic tests. You can also get updated information on various illnesses and conditions. There is also the option of subscribing to nursing journals and searching the entire MEDLINE/PubMed database.

Keeping tabs and touching patients

NurseTabs is another application that nurses are finding most useful. This  Fundamentals app by AusQuinn, LLC makes life much easier for nurse trainees and beginners by putting in their hand more than 120 skills and procedures. They are divided into the topics covered in fundamental nursing courses and they are covered into step-by-step procedures.  There is a second application from NurseTabs series that is similar known as Medsurge by AusQuinn, LLC that offers instant answers to disorders and how they should be managed.

There is also PatientTouch which was developed by PatientSafe Solutions. The developer’s goal with this one is to provide a solution to orchestrate processes, patients and date in real time with the ultimate goal of spending more on direct patient care. It connects health care providers to their patients, team of care providers and EHR infrastructure.

Medical telegrams and accurate lab work

There’s Instagram and there’s Medigram. The latter is an app from Medigram Inc that banishes the pager to obscurity. With Medigram for iPhones, you can securely and instantly send messages to concerned in-group hospital staff.

Nurses and others whose area is lab work will find the Lab Values Reference by Imago LLC app. It concisely covers 375 of the most commonly performed lab tests. It is organized into lab panels and body systems which provides test results and their explanations as well as their clinical significance.

Study partner

Whether you’re enrolled in an online RN-BSN program or preparing for your nursing license, studying for medical exams can be a strain. NCSBN Learning Extension Medication Flashcards which are from the National Council of the State Boards of Nursing. Those studying from NCLEX where mastering of drug information is required will find it very helpful.  This app will quickly guide you through studying thousands of drugs, their common actions and effects. Also included are interesting facts about medications which will help you to remember information.

Merck Manuals 

This application brings you the classic manuals straight to your phone. This app makes the trusted information on disease management available on the web and all iOS devices. You can get it as a stand-along bundle or together with the extensive Merck Guide.


Mobile health app developers have thought of almost everything. Get the right apps and you will be a much more efficient nurse thanks to the information at hand on your mobile.