Verizon iPhone 5 Release Date

On March 1, 2012

Verizon iPhone 5 Release Date

Verizon iPhone 5 Release Date – An End to the Rumours Surrounding it

The iPhone –  a game changer and a mobile revolution

So many people now are living lives which are faster and more streamlined than they have ever been before. If we just look back to five or six short years ago, we still relied so much on paperwork, notes, mountains of files – even though we were well into the age of computer technology. Despite having portable laptop computers which were getting lighter and more user friendly each month, until a couple of years ago there simply wasn’t a truly simple or effective way of taking your work with you wherever you went, being able to communicate, compute and deliver high performance results on the go. When the iphone was first released, people were initially a little bit wary. Could it really do all the things it said it could? Could this really be a step towards the equivilant of a lap top computer which was carried in your pocket? As the list of applications grew and grew, and apple continued to release improvements, additions and accessories, the wariness quickly faded and was replaced with ecstatic enthusiasm, devoted followings and a craving to see what would come next. The iphone 2 displayed some impressive improvements on the original model – a more streamlined build, a smoother usability and many of the slight cracks in the original design dealt with successfully. It was, all in all, a real improvement, and people’s enthusiasm grew and grew. One of the most common questions found today on apple forums, and asked in apple shops and discussed everywhere you might find apple users is; when is the verizon iphone 5 release date?

What’s new?

After a couple of false release dates being discussed online, the verizon iphone 5 release date has now been comfortably confirmed to be sometime in June 2012… just a few short months from now. But why all the excitement? It is true that the previous big iphone release was met with a relatively muted reception – whilst people loved the addition of Siri, the virtual assistant, there wasn’t so much else to rave about. However, the iphone 5 seems to be jam packed with some seriously exciting new developments, the most talked about of which seems to be the intriguing addition of a piece of hardware which allows the user to start seeing video and photos in 3D! Not only this, but the keyboard has apparantly been redesigned, and the options for chatting between apple users has been expanded dramatically. No wonder so many people are excitedly anticipating the verizon iphone 5 release date, and no doubt we’ll be seeing queues out of the door of the apple stores again.

Save the Verizon iPhone 5 release date!

All of this (amongst a huge amount of more rumoured additions) means that 2012 looks as though it is set to be a highly exciting year for apple fans. We all know that Steve Jobs had some highly interesting plans up his sleeves for this latest release before he died, but the verizon iphone 5 release date kept being put back to make way for upgrades and the release of the 4S. The date is finally approaching fast, and we are all highly curious as to what will finally be unveiled.