VoiceKeys brings a new writing system from dictation in iOS

On August 30, 2011

VoiceKeys is a new tweak in Cydia released tonight by Ryan Petrich, Tweak Week initiator that has brought us so many interesting tweaks.

VoiceKeys is a system of writing upon dictation using an internet connection and the write dictation system of those from Google to bring in iOS a way to dictate notes in various applications.

The tweak is implemented directly in iOS with the help of ActionMenu and when you open an application that allows text entry field you will have to click on the text input and an options bar will appear and you will have the option VoiceKeys among them.

     Dictated text via Google’s speech recognition service.

     Requires a connection to the Internet. Uses the Speex library

     Enable dictation mode from the ActionMenu item, or by using the phone’s proximity sensor.

Basically this tweak is running as shown above, enable the options bar, select Voicekeys and your screen will display a pop-up and then you must say the text to be written on the device. After you have finished click Recognize and expect the text to be entered. The big problem of this system lies in the fact that not all words are recognized correctly so it is very possible for VoiceKeys to be absolutely useless even in the case of English words.

The good thing is that VoiceKeys is freely available in Cydia in the BigBoss repo. From the settings menu of iOS we can change the VoiceKeys settings.