Want to create an app? Here’s a checklist on what you need to do

On September 11, 2011

There are hundreds of thousands of apps available on the Apple App Store but that doesn’t stop a lot of people to keep on sending their entries for apps. It isn’t easy to create an app but should you wish to create one, here are some things that you need to get you started.
First of all, the idea: Lay everything out first and make sure that you list down the full features of the app so that you know that you won’t miss out anything. Any app feature that correlates with each other needs to be noted down. This is important so that they can be given out to a programmer or for you to program it yourself

Next, the design: It is highly recommended that you first design the application before starting to code it. This is because you would know the flow of how it works and it would save you a lot of time later to modify the mobile app designs. Make sure that you make a design for every page of your app. It may be better to create the design with the same space that your app would have.

Programming: This may be quite tough for some. Learning it may take a long time so it may be better to outsource it if you aren’t capable of programming. It should be noted that the iPhone uses Objective C for its applications. You would also need to get a non-disclosure agreement ready so that your idea won’t be stolen by your programmer.