Want to write for What’s On iPhone?

On July 10, 2008

The App Store launched TODAY and we are really excited!  After upgrading to the new firmware and beginning to download applications one thing is clear– it is better than we could possibly have imagined. The apps are numerous- especially for an initial launch. There are some absolutely excellent ones already. Many great ones are FREE! The App Store and the power of the iPhone will only grow from here.

Since we launched (just a few weeks ago), we have been steadily increasing our readership and have plans to expand the site already.  We’re looking for a few iPhone Addicts to join our cause.

So if you want to write about- Native Applications, Web Based Applications, and any iPhone news thats fit to blog, Contact Us with a sample of your writing at https://www.whatsoniphone.com/contact (or click the Contact button above)

We’re looking forward to hearing from you – and so is the rest of the world!

Dimitri and Dan