Ways of preserving battery life on the iPhone 4S

On October 30, 2011

Previously, an article was released regarding the poor battery life of the iPhone 4S and how it has plagued the users. This problem may be attributed to poor architecture in the new iOS5 or simply due to certain applications but for whatever reasons it may be, there are ways of preserving the battery life on the iPhone 4S provided that you follow these few tips.

For those that don’t do any travelling which requires a shift in time zones, then consider turning off the “Setting Time Zone”. When this is done, the iPhone will not set the time automatically when the user is in different places. Most of the time, users won’t shift time zones anyway so we highly recommend that users of iPhone 4S turn this setting off.

In addition to that, try turning off the locations feature should you feel that you don’t use it too much. This is because the GPS module inside the iPhone 4S consumes battery and by turning off locations, the GPS module won’t drain the battery.

If excessive battery drain happens after the user has installed a new program, consider removing the application and see whether battery life has improved. If it has, then it could mean that the program has bugs. Consider reporting this to the developer and do wait for a new version of the app before downloading it again.