Weathermob, makes talking about the weather much more fun.

On May 4, 2012

One thing is certain, the weather always makes for a good conversation, you will always hear someone either bickering about how hot or how cold it currently is. Well now thanks to Weathermob you can really discuss the weather, Weathermob is best defined as a “social network for the weather”.

The Boston/London startup behind the new social weather platform, has closed a new round of angel funding to continue development of its platform, at the same time as a major new update of its “social network for the weather” has been released on App Store.

Weathermob lets you express and share the weather around you, how it makes you feel and what it makes you want to do. People talk about the weather to share, connect, support, commiserate, warn, affirm, express and, delight. Weathermob is as much about the weather as it is its users. Our goal is to connect everyone in the world through their daily weather experiences. Weathermob is connecting the world.

Available initially for iPhone, the free Weathermob app is designed to make talking about the weather as social an online experience as it is already for the millions of people who use it to open conversations with strangers, colleagues, friends and family in real life. Weathermob founder and CEO Julia LeStage, commented:

“Since launching we’ve been astonished and delighted by two things: how quickly we reached a global audience and by the warm enthusiasm our weather reporters show for each other’s reports. We’ve seen an exceptionally high level of engagement for a nascent social network. We’ve therefore taken our users’ lead to deliver a more sociable experience in Weathermob v1.2 that will allow people to participate more in what is an already global community. Thoughts on a rainy day, poetic clouds, fresh snow, or a divine sunset, are fast revealing a common and easy link, between two people. And the world.”