Weekly Mobile News Roundup – 11 April 2014

On April 11, 2014

 Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news!

Apple To Give iTunes A Major Re-design – We recently heard that Apple were considering launching an iTunes App for Google’s Android platform, the Android App is apparently part of Apple’s strategy to increase iTunes downloads. Now according to a recent report, Apple is also looking to give iTunes a major overhaul, with a new design and features, in an attempt to boost music download sales.

OS Experience Brings True Desktop-Like Multitasking To iPad, Releasing Soon – Even though Apple bumped the multitasking credentials of its fleet of mobile devices with the iOS 7 update, it’s fair to say that even though the appearance and functionality has improved, the Cupertino company’s mobile OS still doesn’t offer “true” multitasking functionality akin to, say, the Galaxy Pro tablet series.

?Amazon app store grows to 200,000 apps – Amazon’s app store now has 200,000 apps, CEO Jeff Bezos announced Thursday in a letter to investors.The store has nearly tripled in size over the past year and is now in almost 200 countries, Bezos wrote in the letter, which also covered the rest of Amazon’s multitude of services, including Prime, Instant Video, Amazon Web Services, and Mayday support.

Nike opens NikeFuel activity platform to third parties, adds San Francisco dev lab – Nike on Thursday announced plans to allow fitness app developers to funnel users’ activity into its NikeFuel measurement system — in hopes of creating a universal standard for activity tracking across platforms – and backed the initiative with a new San Francisco-based development laboratory.

iMovie for Mac Updated With Minor Feature Upgrades and General Improvements – Apple has updated its iMovie for Mac video editing package, adding a few minor improvements and fixing issues related to sharing, search and some foreign languages.

Cops Found Stolen Laptop After Thief Called Apple Tech Support – Michael Witonis of Dover, N.H., found the secret to ultimate Apple tech support after his MacBook Air was stolen: tweet Apple CEO Tim Cook.

21 Must Have iPhone Apps for Web Designers 2014 – One great thing about the iPhone, except for the cool aesthetic designing and best hardware, is the availability of millions of applications compatible with it. The iTunes store has so much to offer, with applications on almost any topic of interest possible.

Amazon Buys ComiXology – Oh man, I just can’t wait for this week to be over. First the entire Internet turns out to have been broken for the last two years. Then Dropbox hires Condoleezza “Cruella De Vil” Rice to help out with security. And now Amazon has bought out ComiXology, the digital comic book store/platform.

Apple Confirms ‘Heartbleed’ Security Issue Did Not Affect Apple Software and ‘Key Services’ – Apple today released a statement to Re/code confirming that iOS, OS X and “key web services” were unaffected by the widely publicized security flaw known as Heartbleedwhich was disclosed earlier this week.

Rumor: Apple to offer hi-res 24-bit tracks on iTunes in coming months – Following a report that Apple is considering a major overhaul of iTunes, an overlooked rumor from March suggests the company may also be planning an entry into the high-definition music industry with 24-bit tracks.