Weekly Mobile News Roundup – 12 July 2013

On July 12, 2013

  Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news!

10 Apple URLs Every User Should Know – Sooner or later, everybody needs information from Apple or help solving a problem. 10 little-known pages at apple.com can resolve virtually any issue you may encounter. Here’s a handy quick-reference to 10 crucial Apple URLs. 1. My Apple ID URL: appleid.apple.com

The Steve Jobs video that sealed Apple’s fate in the DOJ case – Apple yesterday came up on the losing end of a decision from US District Judge Denise Cote who ruled that Apple did, in fact, collude to artificially raise the price of e-books.

Drubbed By Apple, Microsoft Announces Massive Company Reshuffle – Microsoft has today announced a major company reshuffle that will affect both its hardware and software  divisions. It’s part of the company’s initiative to become “One Microsoft,” and it will see many company executives moved into new roles.

Pebble smart watch preorders hit 275,000 ahead of Best Buy debut – After 85,000 customers backed the Pebble Kickstarter campaign, the smart watch went on to sell another 190,000 preorders through the product’s website.

Apple guilty in ebook price-fix trial – Apple has been found guilty of ebook price fixing, with a New York federal judge ruling today that the Cupertino firm conspired with publishers to drive up the cost in its iBookstore. The ruling will now be followed by a trial for damages, Reuters reports, which will decide how much Apple must pay the US government and several states.

The App Store Turns 5: Its Top 10 Milestones – Within the first few weeks of the App Store’s arrival, developers and users started to push the limits to figure out what was — and what was not  allowed in the App Store

Eidos Disables Your Guns in iOS Deus Ex, If Your Device is Jailbroken – Released yesterday for iOS Deus Ex: The Fallis all about giving the player options, unless that player is attempting to run the game on a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, in which case it removes one of the most important abilities in the game — pulling the trigger.

A Developer’s Impressions – I installed iOS 7 beta 3 on my iPhone 4S a few days ago and have had some time to check it out and the results are in—my iPhone works again

New Apple Store Constructed Over 15th-Century Ruins – Well, if Apple builds enough Apple Stores all over the world, eventually they’re going to run into some ancient ruins under the ground.

The Most Controversial Aspects Of The iPhone’s New Look Appear To Be Rooted In Apple History – This fall, a major change is coming to iOS, Apple’s operating system for iPhones and iPads. The new look, called iOS 7, is a little controversial.

Apple media boss Eddy Cue also attending Sun Valley conference amidst content push – Apple’s Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue was spotted alongside Tim Cook at the annual Sun Valley conference for technology and media executives.

Top free Apple downloads of all time – here are over 900,000 apps available in the iTunes App Store, with over 50 billion sold in 5 years. But what are the most downloaded Apple apps ever?

A look back on 50 billion downloads – It may be hard to believe, but at one point, there was no app store to accompany the iPhone. In fact, a whole year went by when original iPhone owners didn’t have an app store to download the latest apps for their device, but just a day before the iPhone 3G’s launch, the iTunes App Store was officially born.