Weekly Mobile News Roundup – 20 June 2014

On June 20, 2014

Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news!

Ink and Slide: Hands On With Adobe’s New iPad Drawing Tools – The idea behind Ink and Slide is to give designers a tablet drawing experience that goes beyond the simple stylus.

Amazon’s Phone Makes Sense for Amazon, Maybe Not for Consumers – Seven years after Apple’s original iPhone went on sale, Amazon finally dipped its feet into the smartphone market. Amazon unveiled the Fire Phone on Wednesday, a device that is rumored to have been in development since 2009.

Health and fitness apps booming ahead of Apple’s iOS 8 launch – Usage of health and fitness apps on Apple’s iPhone and iPad is booming in 2014, according to a study released by mobile analytics firm Flurry.

Apple Looks at Using Wearable Sensors to Auto-Adjust iPhone Notifications and Alarms – The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office today published several patent applications describing an iPhone-based system to collect and analyze data from wearable and other types of accessory sensors, reports AppleInsider.

eBay Launches iOS App Called “eBay Valet” Which Will Sell Your Stuff For You – Have you ever wanted to sell stuff on eBay but found you were too lazy to actually do it? Well eBay has filled that niche by introducing an app for iPhone which will do the actual selling for you, in exchange for a 30% cut. It’s called eBay Valet, and seems to be confined to eBay USA for now.

Yo is the new million dollar app that lets you send just one word to your friends – Yo is a messaging app that lets you send only one word to your friends: ‘Yo’. That’s it. Only the word ‘Yo’. You download the app (available for iPhone and Android), create a username, add your friends and then tap their name to send them a message saying ‘yo’.

Tumbler Batmobile iPhone case is absolutely insane – This Tumbler Batmobile iPhone case is really insane. However we nonetheless need one There may be nothing about this that is smart. Nothing. At. All.

iOS 8 Will Introduce Manual Controls To Camera App – For the most part, smartphone camera software is pretty basic. It allows you to press a button and snap a photo, and you’re done. Some manufacturers provide its users with a greater degree of control over their camera settings, allowing them to choose exposure levels and even white balance.

iPhone 5 vulnerable to third-party cables says repair firm – If your iPhone 5’s cable is acting up and you’re considering ordering a replacement from a third-party vendor, you might want to reconsider that decision.

iOS 8 Safari can block ads from automatically redirecting to the App Store – One of the most frustrating aspects of the modern mobile internet is advertising that kicks you off the webpage you’re on and forces you into the App Store.