Weekly Mobile News Roundup – 26 April 2013

On April 26, 2013

  Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news!

Apple’s WWDC 2013 sells out in two minutes – After just two minutes, tickets for Apple’s upcoming annual developers conference in San Francisco are gone. That’s faster than the two hours it took last year.

Apple Downloads a Decade of iTunes – It was 10 years ago that people started downloading music from iTunes and then going through the dance of transferring those songs to their chunky or colorful iPods.

Apple tops the list for best performing Windows laptops – Soluto has ranked a few different brands of Windows laptops based on their performance against trouble and crashes, and here’s a fun twist: Apple topped the heap.

Apple Expected to Ramp Up Production of Haswell-Based Notebooks Next Month – Over the past several months, a number of rumors have suggested that Apple will be looking to update its notebook lineup at or soon after its Worldwide Developers Conference,

Safely Install Non-Mac App Store Apps On Your Mac – Another advantage of the Mac App Store, besides pausing downloads, safe uninstalls, and easy re-downloads of Mac OS X apps, is the safety of knowing that anything in the Mac App Store has been vetted by Apple.

Apple CEO Tim Cook On What’s Coming Next: ‘We’ve Got A Lot More Surprises In Store’ – Apple beat Wall Street expectations for its fiscal second quarter, CEO Tim Cook continued to promise a rich array of new products will be coming starting this fall.

Apple celebrates ten years of the iTunes Store with special iTunes section – The iTunes Store turns 10 this Sunday, April 28, and Apple is celebrating with a new area in the store chronicling a decade of selling music, movies, TV, and apps. “A Decade of iTunes” commemorates the store’s milestones in a separate section for each year.

Instapaper sells majority share to Betaworks, app service to continue – It was announced on Thursday that Popular web page saving and syncing app Instapaper has been acquired by Betaworks, the same firm that purchased Digg in 2012.

How to track a lost computer with Find My Mac – If your computer is stolen or otherwise liberated from your possession, don’t despair: If you’ve remembered to enable Find My Mac, you can track it, remotely lock it, and even send messages to your Mac’s screen.

29 Web Apps We Can’t Live Without – If you’ve written off web apps as underpowered imitations of desktop software, think again. Many of today’s web apps are as good as their Finder-bound counterparts, and some even do your work for you!

Apple Airs New iPhone 5 Commercial: “Photos Every Day” – Apple today aired a new iPhone commercial called Photos Every Day, which, as the name implies, focuses on one of the iPhone’s core features: taking pictures.