Weekly Mobile News Roundup – 27 September 2013

On September 27, 2013

 Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news!

iOS 6 Users Expressing Discontent Over Automatic iOS 7 Over-the-Air Downloads – A week after the introduction of Apple’s new iOS 7 mobile operating system, users of iOS 6 across the internet are expressing discontent due to automatic downloads of the new software update, reports CNET.

3rd generation Apple TV setup now as easy as touching an iOS 7 device to it – According to the post, a 3rd generation Apple TV running Apple TV software 6.0 or later can be easily set up by using an iOS device running iOS 7. It’s as easy as touching the device to the Apple TV.

Apple’s iPhone revenue alone bigger than Microsoft, Boeing, Procter & Gamble – As the iPhone’s popularity continues to soar, Apple’s mobile handset revenues alone place the business among the largest in the world, exceeding companies like Microsoft, Intel and Coca-Cola.

Los Angeles schools halt home use of district-issued iPads after students hack security restrictions – After one week with the devices, 300 LAUSD students were able to bypass the content restrictions the district had installed on their iPads, enabling them to browse sites such as YouTube and FaceBook, both of which were blocked along with other sites by the district’s policy

Apple’s Eddy Cue launches new internal iTunes section to highlight work by employees – Today, Apple Senior Vice President of Internet Services has launched a new iTunes section accessibly solely to Apple employees. The new section is designed to highlight media (such as books, songs, TV shows, and movies) worked on by Apple employees.

Apple Quietly Raises Prices of Mac Mini Models in Multiple Countries – After announcing a refresh to its line of iMacs earlier this week, Apple has quietly increased the prices of all Mac mini configurations in multiple countries, including Australia, Brazil, Portugal, and Malaysia, reports 9to5Mac

iPhone and iPad users report severe motion sickness while using iOS 7 – Apple’s new design style in iOS 7 has had plenty of detractors, but some may have genuine cause for complaint: the zooming and parallax animations across the new operating system have been giving some users bad cases of motion sickness.

Apple updates iBookstore with enhanced versioning, larger in-book images – In an email sent out to authors and publishers on Thursday, Apple announced a number of new features recently added to the iBookstore, including versioning support and increased pixel limits for book images.

Chitika: iOS 7 responsible for over half of iOS web traffic in just first week – The beat goes on for Apple’s iOS 7. The latest: in just a week the new mobile operating system now represents 52 percent of all online iDevice traffic, according to one Internet measurement firm. Indeed, in just 24 hours following its September 18 release, the new software for the iPhone, iPad and some iPods accounted for just over 18 percent of Apple’s web traffic, reports ad network Chitika.

Apple Maps disaster — Drivers in Alaska find themselves on runway – Ever since kicking Google Maps to the curb as its default mapping app, Apple has been doing everything it can to create a capable replacement, with less-than-stellar results so far.

Childhood home of Steve Jobs may become historical landmark – Steve Jobs’ childhood home in Palo Alto, Calif., may soon become a historical site. Jobs’ childhood home, if you recall, houses the garage where he and Woz worked to put together the first Apple I computers.

Can Apple announce the rest of 2013?s products in just one event? – Last fall, Apple had a lot of products to introduce: a new iPhone, two new iPads, three new iPods, and a few new Macs. Apple ended up dividing those new devices into two events: an iPhone + iPod event and an iPad + Mac event.

Smart Thermostat Company Nest Developing Smoke Detector – Nest, the company behind the iPhone-connected Nest Learning Thermostat, is working on developing a smoke detector, reports former Wall Street Journal journalist Jessica Lessin. While information is scarce on the smoke detector, it will presumably be controlled via an iPhone app similar to the Nest thermostat.