Weekly Mobile News Roundup – 28 March 2014

On March 28, 2014

 Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news!

The 11 Best Apps For Getting The Most Out Of Your Mac – Whether you’re a programmer, a writer, or a graphic designer, the easy to learn Mac interface on top of the powerful Unix-derived base makes it easy for users to create an environment that allows them to maximize productivity.

Microsoft Offering Free Office 365 Subscription To iPad Users, Here’s How To Get It – Today has been a busy day for Microsoft, and in particular, its Office suite. Having finally made its way to the App Store for iPad following an announcement by Satya Nadella, users of the Apple tablet can finally enjoy Word, Excel and PowerPoint on their devices.

MLB.com At the Ballpark Adds iBeacon Support – While one new feature is the expected iOS 7 redesign, the most exciting update relates to Apple’s iBeacon technology. As Cult of Mac wrote back in September, MLB has installed iBeacons at 20 ballparks around the U.S. to offer iOS-using spectators point-of-interest mapping and other relevant contextual information during the 2014 MLB season. With MLB.com At The Ballpark version 3.0 support for iBeacons is included.

Russian government drops iPad in favor of Samsung tablets over spying fears – Russian government officials have stopped using iPads in an official capacity, instead opting to use offerings from Samsung.

OS X Mavericks’ Adoption Rate Sits At 40% In North America – Back in 2013 during Apple’s WWDC event, the Cupertino company unveiled OS X Mavericks which is Apple’s latest computer operating system at the moment. The OS was released later that year as a free upgrade for all Mac users whose computers could support it.

Microsoft Office hits number one spot in Apple’s App Store after just 12 hours – Following two years of rumors, Microsoft finally launched its Office suite of apps on the iPad today. And despite how frustrating it was to wait, it looks like iPad users aren’t miffed at all.

Skype 6.15 for Mac OS X Released – Microsoft has announced the release of Skype 6.15 for Mac OS X, a highly-anticipated update for some users who are experiencing problems with the video chatting and IM client.

Tim Cook makes his most un-Jobs-like move yet and acts graciously toward Microsoft – Apple CEO Tim Cook may not be a charismatic visionary like legendary Apple cofounder Steve Jobs but he definitely seems to have a lot more social graces.

Apple sending out iTunes credits for customers affected by ebook price fixing – Apple has begun sending out iTunes Store credits to customers affected by the recently (partially) settled ebook price fixing situation.

Facebook Messenger picks up contact groups, message forwarding and more – The social networking giant, Facebook, has just updated its slick Messenger client for the iPhone and iPod touch with a pair of long overdue feature additions.