Weekly Mobile News Roundup – 31 May 2013

On May 31, 2013

  Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news!

Opinion: Apple’s Latest Move Was Brilliant And Will Shake Up The Industry – Less than two weeks before the tech world converges on San Francisco for this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has thrown us an interesting curve ball. As previously reported, Cupertino has quietly released a new iPod touch that is less expensive than previous models.

Dots Goes Multiplayer – Seriously. When Dots first came out, half of the TechCrunch team was like “Maaan, Greg, you gotta play Dots. It’s beautiful! It’s addicting!” I, being a big ol’ grumpy gaming snob, wrote it off as yet another Bejeweled clone.

Adobe Finally Releases Kuler Color-Picking App for iPhone – Originally announced in October 2011, Adobe has finally released its Adobe Kuler color theme generation app for iPhone.

Apple iPod Touch Reaches 100 Million Sold Mark – Nearly six years after the iPod touch first launched in 2007, Apple is celebrating a milestone: It’s sold 100 million of the pocket-sized media players.

Apple’s iPhone sales reportedly up 400% in Indian thanks to aggressive pricing strategies – The institution of installment payment plans and deep discounts in India has netted Apple up to a fourfold boost in iPhone sales over the past four months, said investment firm Credit Suisse, with the company moving nearly 400,000 handsets each month.

The Ive Imperative: Can a Great Product Designer Also Design Great UI? – With iOS 7 a little over a week away, it’s worth taking stock of the fact that this is Jonathan Ive’s first WWDC as Apple’s Head of Human Interface (HI). But what does it mean for an industrial designer—someone who works with atoms in three dimensions—to be put in charge of a team that works with electrons in two dimensions?

Why Apple will enter (and dominate) the wearable technology market – When Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke at length to kick off the D11 conference, he ignited a new firestorm of speculation regarding Apple’s stake in the wearable computing market.

Waze Integrates Facebook Event Navigation, Shows Zuck What He Is Missing – Your friends are having a party. You’re not quite sure where it is, but all the details are in a Facebook Event invite. To get there, you’ll have to log into Facebook, find the invite and the address, load it into Google Maps and follow the directions.

How to market your app yourself and take it front page – Do it yourself: Having a PR firm on retainer can set you back upwards of £3,000 a month – unthinkable for the smallest start-ups. Don’t panic. There’s a lot you can do for yourself You’ve had an idea. It’s a brilliant, bound-to-make a million idea for an app.

How to Fix iCloud’s Biggest Annoyances – Apple’s iCloud service is a handy and free option built right into iPhones, iPads, and Macs, but it’s also a closed system that’s hard to really tweak to your liking.

Apple Raises iPad and iPod Prices in Japan – Apple has raised the prices for the iPad, the iPad mini, and the iPod touch in its Japanese online store, Business Insider editor Joseph Weisenthal noted on Twitter.

What Tim Cook’s cryptic comments at D11 can tell us about iOS 7 – For the second time in as many years, Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage at the All Things D conference for a conversation with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. And for the second time in as many years, Cook gamely swung at the softball questions without revealing much new information.