Weekly News Roundup – 12 October 2012

On October 12, 2012

 Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news!

iPod Nano, Just Out In Stores, Already Has A Software Update – The just-released seventh generation iPod nano has just started being seen in stores and shipping from online pre-orders, but it already has a software update waiting for it. If you get a new iPod nano and plug it into iTunes to set it up and sync, you’ll likely see a new update that you’ll need to apply before you can use it.

iFixit tears down the fifth-generation iPod touch – As usual, our friends at iFixit have once again taken apart Apple’s latest device. This time we get a look inside the new fifth-generation iPod touch that started shipping to customers this week, revealing all of its internal components including: 512MB of RAM from Hynix, Apple’s A5 processor, and NAND flash from Toshiba.

Apple lands No. 2 spot for ‘most inDemand employer’ globally – Apple just landed the No. 2 spot on LinkedIn’s fresh list of most “inDemand” employers from around the world.

Apple Hits New High with 13.6% Share of U.S. PC Shipments in 3Q 2012, Lenovo Captures Worldwide Title – Research firm Gartner today released its preliminary personal computer shipment data for the third quarter of 2012, providing a picture of just how weak market performance was during the quarter.

Teardown of Apple’s new iPod touch finds 512MB of RAM, weaker home button than iPhone 5 – With Apple’s new iPod touch now available, the portable media player has been dissected to discover 512 megabytes of Hynix RAM inside its A5 processor, as well as a home button design different from the iPhone 5.

Appeals court reverses ban on Samsung Galaxy Nexus – A U.S. Court of Appeals says that a lower California court “abused its discretion” by ordering a sales ban of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and kicked the case back to the lower court, Reuters reports.

Reviews of the Fifth-Generation iPod Touch and Seventh-Generation iPod Nano – With Apple having just begun shipping out its new fifth-generation iPod touch and seventh-generation iPod nano, The Verge has already posted reviews of both devices, weighing the positives and negatives of the substantially redesigned iPods.

iOS 6 Maps, Lightning connector have no effect on iPhone 5 demand, survey finds – Negative headlines haven’t suppressed consumer interest in the iPhone 5, which is seeing “unprecedented” demand, according to the latest survey from ChangeWave Research.

Will Apple Finally Unveil The iPad Mini On October 23 – AllThingsD reports that Apple appears to be planning to hold a media event on Tuesday, October 23 to introduce the “iPad mini”, Apple’s smaller tablet device said to be carrying a display measuring 7.85 inches diagonally.

Apple Hires Key Chip Designer from Samsung – The Wall Street Journal reports that former AMD chip designer and executive Jim Mergard has now moved to Apple after a brief stint at Samsung, marking a significant talent win for Apple in its efforts to build its own chips.

Apple’s bouncy new iPod TV ad – A new and very eye-catching ad featuring Apple’s iPod line appeared on television in the US last night. Called “Bounce,” the ad shows all of the colorful new iPods bouncing and exploding into other iPods, all to the tune of Willy Moon’s “Yeah Yeah” in the background.