Weekly News Roundup – 4 January 2013

On January 4, 2013

Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news! This is our first News Roundup of 2013!

Media Streaming iOS App, QuikIO, Updates With Apple TV Support –  Using QuickIO, an iOS app we reported on a couple of weeks back, you can stream your media from your Mac to your iOS device, be it an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Today, the app was updated to include support for streaming that very same media to your Apple TV.

Apple iOS 7 Tests Underway, Suggesting an Early Summer iPhone – Apple is already testing iOS 7, according to reports. The timing is in sync with reports of an early summer, rather than fall, debut of the next iPhone.

Apple to Announce 1Q 2013 Earnings on January 23 – Apple today updated its investor relations page to note that it will announce its earnings for the first fiscal quarter (fourth calendar quarter) of 2013 on Wednesday, January 23

iPhone 5 First Weekend Sales in China Top Two Million – Apple today announced it has sold over two million of its new iPhone5 in China, just three days after its launch on December 14. iPhone 5 will be available in more than 100 countries by the end of December, making it the fastest iPhone rollout ever.

Apple said to be eyeing new display tech for next iPhone – Apple’s use of the so-called “in-cell” touch technology in the iPhone 5 could be short-lived, according to a new report that claims the company is already eyeing alternatives for its next iPhone model.

Netbook Industry Shutting Down After Being Squeezed by iPad and MacBook Air – As noted by The Guardian earlier this week, the netbook industry will be winding down in the first quarter of 2013, as major players Asus and Acer will be shutting down production of the tiny notebooks

Paris thieves nab $1.3M in Apple products in New Year’s Eve robbery – In a heist that could have been taken directly out of a Hollywood movie, armed and masked robbers made off with an estimated $1.3 million in Apple products during a heist of an Apple store in central Paris on New Year’s Eve

Microsoft Acquires Apple Target R2 Studios – In late December, it was reported that Apple was one of three companies, with Google and Microsoft being the others, in talks to acquire home automation firm R2 StudiosThe Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Microsoft has acquired the firm to beef up its Xbox unit.

Rumor: Apple evaluating new ‘touch-on display’ tech for next iPhone – A new report out of China claims that Apple is considering a new display technology, dubbed “touch-on,” for use in its next iPhone model to address issues with the current “in-cell” display found in the iPhone 5.

iHome promises Lightning docks, more at CES 2013 – iHome, one of many companies that puts together third-party products for Apple devices, has just revealed its CES lineup, and the most exciting thing about them is that they are, finally, Lightning-equipped.

ComScore: iPhone up to 35 percent of US smartphone share in November, Android steady – Smartphone launches sometimes have to build up steam before they can go full speed ahead. Apple might be learning this first-hand, based on ComScore’s figures.

Google will license ‘essential’ Motorola patents, ending FTC probe – Google has reached a deal with the Federal Trade Commission to bring the body’s 19-month antitrust investigation into the search giant to a close, according to Apple Insider.