What about the iPod Touch?

On June 22, 2009

iPod Touch vs. iPhoneDimitri has already written about the features he would have liked to see in the iPhone 3GS.  I have a follow-up question: what about having a new iPod Touch with additional features?

It seems like the right time to do so, what with the OS upgrade.  I upgraded the OS on my iTouch once it was available for release and am still playing around with the new features.  It wouldn’t surprise me if there actually is a new version of the iPod Touch released in the coming months.  However, if I may have a moment, let me compose a wish list of currently unavailable iPod Touch features (keep in mind I own a first generation iTouch).

It bothers me that the iTouch still doesn’t have certain multimedia functions of the iPhone such as a microphone or a camera.  Granted, it is intended as a multimedia device rather than an actual phone, but those features are multimedia-based as well.  To start, how about having more memory than the iPhone?  The iTouch should start at least one "level" above the starting memory of the iPhone (32 GB if the iPhone is 16.  16 GB if the iPhone is 8, etc.) yet be the same starting price (I’m referring to the subsidized AT&T price).

Dimitri’s suggestion of mass storage is a good one.  Also a camera.  And a microphone.  And a GPS.  Actually, why not allow for cellular data plans on the device?

If I had my way the iPod Touch would simply be the iPhone without the calling capability.  But if that happened, who would buy the iPhone?