What happens to the tweak and applications purchased from the App Store and Cydia after a restore?

On February 25, 2012

Many of those who have just purchased an iPhone, iPod Touch, an iPad tablet or a Mac and have started to buy applications from the App Store are wondering what happens to the applications they bought from the store when they do a restore (reinstallation of the operating system). The answer is quite simple: all applications purchased/downloaded from the App Store are automatically associated with your Apple ID and can be reinstalled free no matter how many restores you do as long as they are available in the App Store.

Applications available in an Apple ID can be installed on any device, if they are compatible, but an application can be installed on up to five devices and more. When I say that can be installed on 5 terminals I mean iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch or different Macs, which is the maximum limit imposed by Apple. After you install an application on 5 different devices you can not install on another terminal and you have to buy/download free again using another Apple ID.

In Cydia things are similar, except that you cannot login there with an Apple ID, you can only use a Facebook account or a Google account and all the tweak and applications purchased there can be reinstalled at any time but within 5 devices. Applications and free tweaks from Cydia are not associated with a Facebook/Google account so only those that you buy will be displayed in an account. In Cydia things are simpler, but the limitations of the App Store alone are preserved even if there is another store.

In conclusion, you can make as many restores as you want, the purchased/downloaded applications from the App Store are available anytime for your deices. The same system applies to music, movies or books.