What smartphone features are important for gaming?

On March 23, 2014

IIIIt used to be that everyone bought their cell phones based network and the durability of the cell phone. No one really cared about the quality of the screen since what was displayed was black and white and pixelated. However, with the introduction of the Smartphone all of that changed in an instance, now everyone cares about whether the screen is Retina, HD or OLED. Since many of us use our smartphones as a gaming device it has become really important that the colors reproduced are as vibrant and life-like as possible. In this article, we will look at some of the most important smartphone features for gaming.


There is a reason many newer games can’t run on the original iPhone, older phones simply do not have the same processing power as the newer phones. Today, several phones are being released with dual and quad core processors. The reasoning behind this is simple, as games and applications become more powerful the smartphones need to be more powerful as well. If you want to play games such as Infinity Blade III then you need a faster processor.


While it might sound like the quality of the camera isn’t really important for gaming on your smartphone, more and more games are integrating camera features into their games. It used to be that cell phones came with a 1.2 MP camera and everyone was stunned at the quality of the images produced. Today, however most smartphones are at least equipped with a 8 MP camera, the Nokia Lumia Icon even boasts a 20 MP camera.


It used to be that the smartphone screen was just a feature; now all companies are marketing the quality of their screens, whether it is Retina, AMOLED or some other form of high quality screen resolution. Some smartphones boast screens that are larger than five inches. Take the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for instance; it boasts a 5.7” AMOLED screen. The size of the screen is not only important for games, however it is also important when you are surfing the web. More and more smartphone users are playing games online from their devices, the screen means that when you are playing games on a site like https://www.gamingclub.com/au then the interface feels much less cluttered.


There is no doubt that battery life is a very important feature of any smartphone. In the past cell phones were used for making calls and sending text messages, today smartphones are used more as personal computers. If the smartphone has a poor battery life, then it is pretty much doomed from the beginning.


In other words, while it is really important that your smartphone can be used to make calls and send texts, unless the processing power and screen quality is up to standards you will have a hard time playing some of the latest games. If you think we have forgotten any important features please feel free to leave us a comment below.