What We Already Know About The Apple WWDC 2013 Launch

On June 10, 2013

The first Apple event from the iPad mini launch in October 2012 takes place today, June 10. Some expected news at WWDC 2013 are disclosed with a lot of details in the recent days, so Apple surprises could be reduced.

Information from multiple sources already confirmed that Apple event in San Francisco include details about the new iOS 7, along new MacBook gadgets and universal service for the first time.

iOS 7

The iOS design will reflect probably the most important change since the launch of the first iPhone. After the iOS director, Scott Forstall, was gone, company officials decided to let the new look on the hand of the designer Jonathan Ive.

Most three-dimensional textures and details of iOS could disappear completely, and the new iOS 7 could have a more “flat” and more modern look.


After signing contracts with Universal and Warner, Apple seems to be ready to launch a streaming music service linked to the iTunes account. iRadio competes for similar services with Google and Microsoft, but with access to the entire history of listening in iTunes, could better “guess” what users want to listen.

MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Pro

Apple notebooks get an update on the new Intel Haswell generation, along with other minor improvements. It is unclear whether Apple will launch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air at WWDC 2013 but at least one of the gadgets gets a refresh.

Some analysts believe that a new Mac Pro will emerge, a desktop that has not been upgraded for a long time.

OS X 10.9

Mac OS will likely be discussed at the conference, and OS X 10.9 (codenamed “Cabernet”) seems a minor update that resolves the main multi-monitor problem. Now opening an application full screen in the main monitor connected to a Mac is obstructing others to work.

Other Apple WWDC 2013 news

Among the new speculations includes details about Vimeo integration in iOS. YouTube rival could get a place of honor in the new operating system. Other rumors about the smart time iWatch and Apple TV, yet seem unfounded.