What Is Jailbreak iPhone And How Can It Benefit You?

On November 5, 2009

I personally define jailbreak iPhone is a process to remove restrictions on iPhone.
Definition of jailbreak quoted from Wikipedia:

Jailbreaking is a process that allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to run unofficial code on their devices bypassing Apple’s official distribution mechanism, the App Store. Once jailbroken, iPhone users are able to download many applications previously unavailable through the App Store via unofficial installers such as Cydia and Icy. Cydia app store founder Jay Freeman estimates that 4 million (out of 40 million) iPods and iPhones are jailbroken.

These are benefits of jailbreak iPhone:

1. Install third party apps that are not available in AppStore.
– Declined apps. There are many apps declined to be published in AppStore.
– Developer that won’t pay $100 to publish their apps in AppStore. You think you can develop an apps and submit it to AppStore for free?

2. Customize and modding your iPhone. Many people jailbreak their iPhone to customize and modding it as they like.
Some example of customize and mods that you can do after jailbreak your iPhone:
– Change iPhone springboard wallpaper. iPhone will let you change wallpaper on lockscreen, but not springboard wallpaper. So, by jailbreaking your iPhone, you will be able to change wallpaper on your springboard.
– Change iPhone dock
– Change iPhone Themes. Are you not bored of seeing iPhone’s default theme?
– Customize iPhone status bar.
– So much more customization and mods that you can do after jailbreak your iPhone

3. Unlock your iPhone.

4. Install cracked apps. If you don’t have money to buy apps in AppStore, then you can get cracked version for free after jailbreak your iPhone.