What’s On iPhone Goes Global- We Welcome Simon Dale

On June 29, 2008

One of the big differences when the 3G iPhone rolls out in a few weeks compared to last year’s is initial iPhone release is that it will be an international event this time around.

On July 11th the 3G will launch in at least 22 countries. In the weeks and months that follow that number will quickly rise to more than 70. 

That’s why we are especially glad to welcome Simon Dale to What’s On iPhone. Simon knows his stuff when it comes to mobile tech and has a list of previous phones and devices as long as your arm to prove it. And, since he hails from the UK, Simon just turned What’s On iPhone into a global effort .

Simon, a ‘tech-entrepreneur", has been working in IT for over 10 years. Having always been interested in mobile tech, Simon started off selling Psion organisers on the web during High School and was the first kid in his school with a mobile phone- a Motorola StarTak.  Since then Simon has worked in IT Project Management for some big-name companies and has run a successful IT business for the past 5 years. 

Currently iPhone-less (having gotten the jump on the soon-to-explode-slightly-used-first-gen-iPhone market), that will change in just a few weeks!

We welcome Simon and look forward to his posts and reviews!