What’s On (My) iPhone – Productivity Apps- Part 2

On August 6, 2008

In the first part of this multi-part post I focussed on my top 5 productivity apps. Here are four more apps I use all the time and turn the iPhone a great productivity tool for me…


My work life necessitates being in touch. The iPhone’s email app, especially in combination with HurryMail, is central to my ability to be in constant contact. Increasingly, though, my communication also depends on IMs. The AIM app works well, doing what it needs to- allowing me to carry on IM conversations. In fact, a few nights ago, a friend was surprised to find that I wasn’t on my MacBook carrying on a conversation; I was on my iPod Touch instead. 

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow 3rd party apps to run in the background, so whenever I navigate from the AIM app my conversation ends. This is a huge limitation, but help is coming this fall in the form of an off-line notification system, which will alert me when a new instant message arrives.


Being able to access information on the go, via a search engine, is key to getting things done. And, while we don’t often think of Google as a productivity app, we really ought to do so.  It offers a web app- great, in addition to a resident app- amazing.  The resident app allows for even more functionality (powerful) in the palm of your hand- the ability to choose the kind of search you want to perform: "iPhone and Web", "Contacts" (which I often use to sort through my 1,700+ names), "Local" (which uses the new location feature), "Images", "News", "Shopping" and "Wikipedia".


This may seem to be an unusual choice within a list of my most useful productivity apps.  But as I increasingly rely on my iPhone, the need for a secure place in which to store my sensitive information (while still being able to access it quickly) becomes more and more of a necessity. This app does just that, in a highly customizable and graphically interesting manner.  Thanks to eWallet I can rest assured that I am the ONLY one with access to my personal data.


I have the good fortune to contribute (as a writer) to two of my favorite tech blogs (in addition to WOiP, of course:-) – JustAnotherMobileMonday and Gear Diary. Keeping abreast of, and posting about, the seemingly never-ending stream of technology/products/apps (in my limited free-time) is challenging.  As luck would have it, both blogs use WordPress for creating and editing text on their websites, making my "job" a bit easier.  The app is great- set-up is quick and straightforward, allowing me to add tags, preview posts and select posting categories on the go.  I can save a draft of what I’ve written, finishing it when I have more time and access to my Mac desktop.  For these reasons alone, it is an invaluable mobile blogging platform.  Further, it enables me to view a large number of prior posts, which I can update and edit, if need be.

So those are my nine (current) favorites when it comes to being productive with my iPhone. What am I missing? I’d love your input and feedback.

Next up- entertainment apps.