What’s (Not) On My iPod Touch? – Music

On August 28, 2008

The better name for this quick post might be "Now You Hear It, Now You Don’t: Attack of the Gremlins".

Here’s what happened-

I have been at home working on work stuff all day with a little site posting mixed in here and there.

I decided to take a break and went outside. It is a nice day here and I figured I would sit outside, listen to a little music and, perhaps, even take a power nap.


House phone rang.

I paused the Touch.

I came back to it.

It’s locked up.

I forced a shut own by holding down the two hardware buttons.

I started it up again.

I settled back into my chair.

I started the iPod function and… what is going on????

I’m greeted with a splash screen that says something like "No music, visit iTunes to download…"

I can’t remember exactly what it said. I did take a screen capture of it but the image function crashed when I went to email it t myself. In fact…everything crashed. Not a single app would actually open…

Anyone else run into this?

Me… I’m thinking it was a Gremlin trying to make trouble… The again, maybe it was one of the music hungry beta apps I’m testing. ("mmmm, this Dave Matthews tastes great… even better than the Kaiser Chiefs and Beatles I had a second ago…")

And THAT, dear readers, is why I have started only downloading new apps and beta versions only to my Touch. (Man am I getting good with the ole iPhone iPod Touch restore…)