What’s not on your iPhone?

On November 30, 2009

iPhone appsOn June 29, 2007 Apple released the first iPhone.  Shortly thereafter it released the first iPod Touch and within a year Apple allowed development for the iPhone and iPod Touch to anybody who wanted it and let them market their own applications via the App Store in iTunes.

Since then, the App Store has acquired over 100,000 apps and continues to grow.  There are so many apps that to get them all would take up hundreds of iPhones.  There is only so much you can fit on an iPhone or iPod Touch, even if you get the high-end models.

As a reviewer, I get my hands on a lot of apps, some of which are worth keeping.  I purchase some others on my own on top of that.

In fact, due to the exhorbitant number of apps in my iTunes library, I can only keep a fraction of them on my iPod Touch.  Of those I keep on it, only a few of those are used on a regular basis.  This is on top of any audio or video files I keep on my device.  My 8 gigabytes of space are close to full.

For example, I purchased a copy of Space Ace, the 80’s video arcade game, for the iPod Touch simply for the nostalgia factor.  I never play it, yet I keep it on the device just in case.  The app takes up a lot of space due to the associated audio and video files, yet I can’t bring myself to remove it and simply keep it in the library.  I keep it because I want it on hand if the urge to play hits me, even though it quite probably never will.

Are there any unused apps on your iPhone or iPod Touch?  If so, why do you not uninstall them?