Whatsapp Messenger updated with iCloud backup, multi-send UI; the app is now free

On July 18, 2013


The ‘sixth most popular paid app of all time‘ is now free. The popular cross platform messaging app, Whatsapp Messenger is down to free from 99 cents. It is also worth noting that this app has always been free on all other mobile operating systems, except iOS.

In March, Whatsapp announced that they will be shifting from their current one-time plan to a subscription based model, by the end of this year. Accordingly, the service will be free for the first year and later on cost $1 per year. Though it’s cheap, we think similar free apps might have had an upper hand, which has scared Whatsapp Messenger to drop to their tag.

This update also brings a couple of other features, too. Multiple send UI and URL scheme for third party support are included. This one also brings iCloud backup for chats, which has been asked by users for long.

Get Whatsapp Messeger for free, from the App Store. Please note that iPad (even 3G models) or iPod Touch aren’t compatible. It is a telephony application and needs an iPhone to work.