Whatsapp unavailable in Apple iTunes Store

On January 16, 2012

Whatsapp is one of the must have smartphone application in the planet. Everyday it handles more than 2 billion messages sent from its users and has played an integral part in the daily life of so many people. The application is so prominent that it is said to have replaced text messaging for a lot of people. This is because for the first year, the application is free and subsequent years will only cost the user $1.99, In the long run, this is still cheaper than most texting plans.

However, it seems that for a short time, iOS devices that would want to install or re-install this application from the Apple App Store will be temporarily unable to do so. This is because for some reason, the application has been removed by Apple from its App Store. The people behind the application have responded by saying that the application will be temporarily unavailable until the new version of it has been approved by Apple.

There should be a reason why the app has been removed from the App Store but Whatsapp is keeping its mouth shut for now. The blog has yet to be updated as its last post was regarding the TCP connections that it could handle on a single server.