Where to Buy Factory Unlocked iPhone in the U.S. ?

On June 14, 2011

Where to Buy Factory Unlocked iPhone in the United States?
As you may noticed that Apple is start selling Factory Unlocked iPhone in the United States. Since Apple introduced their smartphone to mobile phone industry in 2007, all of iPhone versions that sold in the United States is locked to carrier version.
Yes, you will only be able find locked Apple iPhone in America, and AT&T is the carrier where the iPhones will be locked to. Starting from today, Apple is selling unlocked iphone in the U.S.

This is very surprising news. You can buy factory unlocked iPhone, sim-free, swapping sim card without problem, use other carrier outside country, no international roaming. While the iPhone unlimited data plan is not available when you take the iphone overseas, you can use local carrier.

Also, no jailbreak hack required. Many iPhone Users do not like to jailbreak their iPhone due to several reasons. Most unlockers use ultrasn0w, turbo-sim, gevey sim, or any other tools to unlock their iPhone.

But now, you can buy legitimate unlocked iPhone in Apple US store.

The sold factory unlocked iPhone is available for GSM version only. There might be a chance to buy unlocked CDMA iPhone version in future, but there is not clear rumors yet.
You can buy factory unlocked iPhone 4 in black color or white color, available for both 32 GB and 16 GB iPhone models.

iPhone 4 Factory Unlocked

To order GSM Factory unlocked iPhone via Apple Online store: click here https://store.apple.com/us/product/MC604LL/A

Free shipping with estimate delivery 1-3 business days.

How much is Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 cost?

It costs $649.00 for iPhone 4 16 GB version and $749.00 for iPhone 32 GB version. Yes, they are unlocked and you can use any carrier including T-Mobile USA, even you are only be able to use EDGE on T-mobile while 3G not yet supported on T-Mobile USA carrier.

Apparently, the iPhone 4 unlocked version available for brand new purchase only, not for locked AT&T existing customer. So if you already own locked iPhone 4, you cannot unlock your locked iPhone at this time. AT&T said that if you already own a locked iPhone 4, they are still not able to unlock it for you, it might be offered in future, but we have no clear rumors regarding at&t unlock offer.

If you still have locked iPhone 4, you may sell it and buy an unlocked one. No worries about upgrading baseband version, no need to downgrade baseband version. The iPhone will be unlocked officially by Apple for any carriers.