Where’s my iPhone bluetooth keyboard?

On July 6, 2009

iPhone keyboardDon’t get me wrong.  I love using my iPod Touch when it comes to being productive.  However, you have to admit that when it comes time to type out a document, it’s kind of awkward.  Typing on the little virtual keys on the screen is enough to give a less tolerant person a nervous breakdown.  The only examples I’ve seen of keyboards for the iPhone are for ones that have been jailbroken.

Let’s call the iPhone what it is: a miniature computer, and this means that word processing is one of the fundamental applications that the device could be used for.  Im not talking about writing a whole book, but i could definately see using it to write more than a paragraph or two.  Of course, in order to do that more easily, it could use a full-sized keyboard.  Why can’t Apple develop a Bluetooth keyboard for use with the device?  Are they saving that feature for later?

Granted, such an item would make the iPhone or iPod Touch a little less portable, but if the peripheral keyboard were either small enough or foldable, it likely wouldn’t even be that big of an issue.

Apparently, MacAlly is developing a Bluetooth keyboard for the iPhone, but it’s not available yet.  I suspect they have to clear some issues with Cupertino first.

The sooner a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse (let’s not forget the mouse) is developed for the iPhone, the sooner we can all leave our laptops at home.