White iPhone 4: Modified Rear Camera, Reports of Thickness Difference Disputed

On May 9, 2011

While a large part of the attention on the white iPhone4 late launch   died down, some  Japanese tidbits  continue to trickle out.

Last week, Japanese blog Matokare pointed to a pair of tweets from @kazunie underlining  some of the differences among  the black and white patterns of the iPhone 4.

In particularly, Apple appears to have modified the camera sensor in the white pattern, choosing for a slightly different way probably wearing specs almost same to that used in the black pattern. It is unclear where the change was made ‚Äã‚Äãspecifically to solve the problems of light leakage reportedly which affects the camera performance, one of the most popular targets of rumors about the delayed release device.

The report also established  that the proximity sensor has been modified to white models, while no information on modifications are contained. Proximity sensor was one of the chief areas of focus on the device, given to iPhone the evident redesign to the front plate  in the area of the sensor, the shift from a grid of small holes in the early renderings of patterns and samples of the white models to a single black window in the shipping versions.

Reports of the white iPhone 4 being slightly thicker than the black version are also coming under fire because those tidbits measured with their own calipers and saw that is no difference between them.


via @macrumors