Why should Jailbreak iPhone? Jay Freeman the Cydia creator shows you why

On April 27, 2011

iPhone Users most asked question: Why should I jailbreak my iPhone?

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There are alot of features that you can get by jailbreak iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Also, bunch apps and tweaks which are not available on iTunes app store.
Robert Scoble asked similar question: Why should jailbreak iPhone (and any other iDevices) to the creator of Cydia, Jay Freeman. He recorded the documentation of his chit-chat with Jay Freeman and uploaded the video to YouTube:

He tweeted about the video on his twitter:

USEFUL VIDEO: @saurik tells me why you should jailbreak your iPhone https://t.co/NrEp8Rk He runs https://t.co/58D2N2Q

Watch the interview of Jay Freeman answering the most asked question, Why should you jailbreak your iPhone here: