Why would you make Jailbreak?

On August 16, 2011

Why Jailbreak?

A lot of iPhone users today face the issue of whether to jailbreak their devices or not.

Today, there are so many reasons as to why a user should jailbreak that the thought of not jailbreaking their devices should not even exist. In fact, jailbreaking has now been made legal in the United States.

People jailbreak their iPhone to gain more control. This is because iPhones locked by Apple are not allowed to utilize certain features. In fact, before the iPhone 4 exists, users were only able to tether their iPhone with other devices through carrier softwares but that problem does not exist with jailbroken iPhones.

In addition to that, there are numerous applications that can be used with an iPhone that has been jailbreaked. One good example is the SpringBoard which fully customizes the graphic interface of the iPhone.

Those that jailbreak do not need to worry if the need to send for servicing arises. This is because the jailbreaking software can easily be removed through iTunes. All that the user needs to do is to use the recover feature before sending the phone back for warranty, thus not voiding it.

All in all, it can safely be said that jailbreaking is a must for all iPhone users. The benefit it gives far outweighs the disadvantages that it possesses. For some, jailbreaking is an easy process. A quick search in YouTube will give out some excellent examples on how to do so.