Will Apple bring Bookmarks to their iCloud website?

On January 30, 2014


Apple is known for keeping secrets, however a recent mistake on the Apple iCloud server hints that the Cupertino company is looking at adding bookmarks to their iCloud website. The mistake was initially reported by 9to5 Mac, who uncovered the mistake when trying to install the Chrome extension from the iCloud Control Panel for Windows.

Of cours this could be a mistake, however we are guessing the more likely scenario is that Apple is looking for a new way to implement iCloud bookmarks into the iCloud website. What this pretty much means is that users would be able to access their bookmarks when they are away from their personal computers.

Another interesting thing about this site is that the image clearly says coming soon! And that users should check back later for the update. This is not the first time iCloud.com has been a leaker of information, remember back in 2012 when Apple accidentally leaked the upcoming Notes and Reminders Apps on the website.