Will iPad 5 look like this?

On April 11, 2013

Apple seems to break from the format that characterized so far the iPad tablet series. The first step was taken with the iPad Mini, which looks much different from the iPad tablet of normal size.

If new information is confirmed, iPad 5 might look like a larger version of the iPad Mini tablet with asymmetrical screen surrounded by a frame that allows reducing the size of the housing.

Striking resemblance with iPad Mini should not surprise, given the unexpected success it enjoyed since its launch the 4th gen iPad tablet with 9.7 inch screen. For iPad 5, giving up the old format with symmetrical frames translates into a less bulky construction, obtained without reducing the size of the Retina Display screen.

However, in the absence of more details confirmed from multiple sources, the picture offered as evidence for the new iPad 5 design needs to be treated with much skepticism, it can be simply false, or component intended for one of the many iPad clones sold in the Chinese market.