Will iPhone 2.1 Bring Some Surprise Treats???

On September 6, 2008

You always have to be skeptical of a post that starts with the words

"another little birdie told us…"

but a post over on ars technica (one of my favorite tech sites) certainly caught my eye today.

The posts reports that this Tuesday’s Apple event may be a bit more iPhone-esque than many of us expected. As they put it

"…it’s widely expected within some Apple circles that iPhone 2.1 will be released…" 

Good news… or at least good rumor.

But what… there’s more

The post goes on to say that they have also heard that some of the pieces of 2.1 that were removed from developer seeds were removed, "…in order to keep them secret from the world."

Secrets… Apple?? Apple would never do that, right???

My biggest hope is that the new firmware will address most, if not all, of the 3rd party app issues that have plagued many of us. But surprises are always welcome too!