Jailbreak solution for Windows Phone 7 sold with Microsoft agreement

On June 19, 2011

Probably many of you already know that Microsoft has welcomed the first jailbreak solution for Windows Phone 7, even tried to lure GeoHot to develop jailbreak solutions for this OS. How GeoHot was not interested in something, the ChevronWP7 team continued to work and with the agreement from Microsoft will launch ChevronWP7 Labs that will bring s jailbreak solution for owners of Windows Phone 7 device. The interesting part is that Microsoft will agree with this small business, users are forced to pay a modest amount to make jailbreak for their own terminal.

The iPhone community are opposite to this things, Apple’s fight against jailbreak and Dev Team is struggling to launch free solutions but over time they are becoming more apart. Perhaps Apple could have something to learn here given that very many people would be willing to pay a sum of money to make jailbreak without any problems.

What will happen to us if such a “miracle” from the “garden” of Microsoft that provides users freedom now as the platform is still growing? I am looking forward to the new Apple solution for iPhone.