Wireless Charging for iPhone 5S and iPad Air by IQI

On November 11, 2013


Increasingly more Android smartphones come with wireless charging, which is why a gadget named IQI brings this technology on iPhone 5S.

Clearly, it was created a trend around wireless charging for mobile phones. Manufacturers like Samsung and Nokia have launched lines meant to bring this functionality to the latest smartphones. Because Apple has avoided this trend for their products, ambitious manufacturers for accessories created IQI, a dedicated device with Lightning charger, for iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPad 4, iPad Air or iPad mini.

At this time, IQI is a project seeking Indiegogo funding and with 19 days to the end, has already raise $17,000 from 30,000.

Unlike other similar devices, IQI is very simple to use and manages to be more compact and slimmer than the competition. Because we are talking about a foil and a charging cable that hides in any case it is clear that on the first place came Apple compatibility with recent phones created in Cupertino in the last two years. Basically, the only limitation is the fact that IQI doesn’t work in tandem with other smartphones and tablets equipped with Lightning charger.

Passing over the fact that you need to purchase a bag to take advantage of the device, it is worth to note that at this time has an IQI set, limited to an investment of about $50. We are talking about a package that includes the foil and a charger that will suit all Qi-wireless compatible devices.