With Its Camera, iOS 7 Can Detect Smiles And Not Only Yhat

On June 26, 2013

Apple has promised that it will give developers more APIs in iOS 7, the company keeps its word, and developers now have the ability to make applications for iOS 7 which knows when you smile or wink. These new APIs have been implemented in iOS 7 beta 2, and applications can be distinguished individually a blink of an eye or a smile made by a user.

Based on these new features, applications can record pictures only when users are smiling and can postpone the registration of a picture if someone blinks, uses are limited only by the imagination of developers who design applications from the App Store.

Apart from the above, I said that Apple implements support for video recording of 60 frames per second, but autofocus will also be improved to record better pictures and not completely hide the images during focus. Apple gives developers leverage for radical improvement of applications available in the App Store, but everything we see in the form of API, might find a place in Apple’s native applications, the company has enough integrate custom functions in its operating system. We should wait and see the countless of wonder applications.