WOiP Quick Tip – Update Apps Easily and Quickly

On October 8, 2008

I was speaking to my buddy Meni earlier today and he asked a question I thought others might also have about updating apps.

Like many others, Meni tends to update his apps directly on the iPhone. The App Store makes it easy by adding a badge to the App Store icon showing the numbers of updates available. Tap the icon, follow instructions, and your app gets updated. The next time you sync the updated version gets transfered over to iTunes.

Unfortunately, between the initial release of the firmware update, and now that Apple removed the ability to “Update All”, that means updating numerous apps can be a bit of a pain.



To avoid that extra work, just jump over to iTunes, highlight your collection of apps and hit the “Check For Updates” button at the bottom of the screen.  If there are updates available, just hit “Update All” and sync your iPhone or Touch.  The apps will get updated and the current version will remain in iTunes until the next update comes along.  🙂