World War Z now available on iOS

On May 31, 2013

A new trend allows you to see the official games of blockbuster films appear on your smartphone and tablet than on big-boy consoles. The latest move is a sensible one ever made by the movie companies because it opens up their own promotional tie-ins to a larger audience while reducing the risk. Unfortunately, this has resulted to the increase in terrible, rare cash-ins in the App Store.

However, World War Z, the new game by Phosphor Games Studio, is another story. Actually, it is an intuitive and entertaining FPS set in a world similar to a movie with a similar name. The gist of the matter is Phosphor Games has attempted to mitigate issues related to the touch screen shooters alias the clumsy controls.

This means with the World War Z, you should now expect on-rails shooting, a clear lack of the ‘fire’ button plus a prominence on exploration rather than moving down the endless masses of the undead in the boxed-in arena.

Whether the developer has succeeded in reinventing the touch screen FPS is yet to be seen. However, you can obtain the World War Z from the App Store [$4.99] anytime.