Wriggle – free the blue worm

On May 16, 2011

The objective on this game is to free the blue worm (by dragging its head or tail) from the maze in as few moves as possible.
You can unlock achievement  by completing the  puzzles perfectly or simply by finishing  as many as you can.

This game will definitely be something  fun for the whole family  because the  kids will enjoy the easy ones while the expert puzzles will be challenging for the most brilliant puzzle fanatics.



As you get closer to completing all 80 puzzles , this game will aloud you to Tweet your progress with your friends.

The provocation has been made so  can you Wriggle your way out of this one?


Wriggle features :

– unique new puzzle design
РRecord keeper so you will be able to  replay puzzles and try to beat your personal lowest move count.
– Eight bonus Achievement badges
– Twitter button so you can tweet your solved puzzles
– Flexible sound so you can listen to our music or your own
– Close the game and come back to it later; the current game will be saved



via @148apps