WWDC 2013 Tickets Were Sold In Just Two Minutes

On April 26, 2013

Tonight Apple has put on sale tickets for WWDC 2013 thousands of developers rushing to buy a place in their conferences that Apple employees will hold in San Francisco. Since Apple announced yesterday that tickets will be on sale starting today, all were sold in just two minutes. In the past it took 12 or 2 hours to sell all the tickets and that’s because developers have learned later on the sale and the events were not so important.

If we make a comparison with the Google I/O, the most important annual conference of Google, where the tickets were sold in 49 minutes after putting them on sale.

The rapidity with which the tickets were sold stunned many people, but also left enough developers with a bitter taste, but some are lucky to still buy one or more tickets for the conference. It seems that some developers had received error messages in trying to purchase tickets, the people at Apple are aware of this and sends over those tickets, even if initially they could not be bought.

I pick up and a nice guy tells me he’s from Apple Developer Support and that they noticed that I tried to purchase a ticket today and that the transaction didn’t go through. I told him that was true. I thought the next thing out of his mouth would be an apology or something – just to be nice.

Although developers could not buy tickets in the two-minute availability, they would have been reserved in the Apple system, and the company put employees to call developers to inform them that they will still be able to buy. Plenty of developers have confirmed this story, and this is a good sign for Apple which proves that they still care for their developers to provide the best conditions in which to develop applications for iOS.