WWDC June 8-12

On March 26, 2009

When WWDC was announced last year the buzz was amazing. People went crazy with the rumor that a new iPhone would be announced. Some insisted that since WWDC is a developer’s conference there was no way this would happen while others pointed out that there was at least on occasion when hardware had been announced. Well we all know how the stories ended- the iPhone 3G was announced and the rest is history.

Between last year and some loose-lipped ATT execs there seems little doubt that the next version of the iPhone and/or iPhone and/or iPhone and Tablet will be announced at WWDC this year. Yes, June 8-12 is likely to be an exciting time.

and it is just…

                  73 days
                  1752 hours
                  105,120 minutes
                  6,307,200 seconds


But who’s counting?